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A Failed Revolution
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Brooke, 19, Colorado

4'11 wannabe punk kid.

Indie, Folk, pop punk, blues, old rock and roll.

I like E. E. Cummings and my dog.


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I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.

— John Burroughs (via firmamente)

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Don’t worry my dear, you have the forest running through your veins.

— A lovely pagan women who gave me a tarot card reading (via lovesicksilence)

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This is the part where I set you free and never let you back in, because the pain you’ve caused is something I hope I never go through again. I always said the day I wrote this song is the day you and I are over. Here it comes, this is goodbye, I leave you here in October.

— It took my two years to write this. (via watcheditbegin)

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Self portrait

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here is a house i doodled the other day!! i think i am getting better at house doodles 
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All in My Mind

Pretty drawings of the inside of Kendra’s brain.

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Two Girls (Lovers), 19011, Egon Schiele
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Milo Manara
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